CDS San Diego Board Members

Your Board of Directors is proud to represent you & the San Diego Dressage community.
Ellie Hardesty
Chapter Chair
Shirley Rogozienski
Treasurer​ / Secretary
Schooling Circuit Coordinator
Kerry Daniel-McGurk
Rated Shows Circuit Coordinator
Sue Briggs.jpeg
Sue Briggs
Committee Chair, Newsletter

2022 Elections

The 2022 election process for the CDS San Diego board has concluded.

At a regularly scheduled meeting of the CDS San Diego board on May 31, 2022, the Nominating Committee nominated Ellie Hardesty Soseman, Shirley Long Rogozienski, and Kerry Daniel-McGurk for the term beginning January 1, 2023. No chapter members were nominated from the floor, therefore a win by acclamation was announced in accordance with the CDS Constitution and Bylaws. As the CDS San Diego Standing Rules and Procedures state that a term is for three years, the next election year for CDS San Diego Chapter is in 2025.

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