CDS San Diego Board Members

Your 2021 Board of Directors are proud to represent you & the San Diego Dressage community.
Ellie Hardesty
Chapter Chair
Shirley Rogozienski
Treasurer​ / Secretary
Schooling Circuit Coordinator
Kerry Daniel-McGurk
Rated Shows Circuit Coordinator
Sue Briggs.jpeg
Sue Briggs
Committee Chair, Newsletter

2022 Elections

2022 is an election year for CDS San Diego. The current board members are:

Ellie Hardesty Soseman, Chair

Shirley Long Rogozienski, Treasurer and Secretary

Kerry Daniel-McGurk, Circuit Coordinator

Each board member plans to serve again, and there are no open seats available to be filled. An election will be held if one or more eligible San Diego chapter members are properly nominated at the May 31, 2022, meeting, thereby declaring an intention to run against the existing board members. If no eligible chapter member is nominated, Ellie, Shirley, and Kerry will be declared winners by acclamation. Eligibility requirements for becoming a board member and nominating procedures may be found on the CDS San Diego website on the Board Matters page, in the CDS San Diego Chapter Standing Rules and Procedures. CDS San Diego elections are governed by Article XII of California Dressage Society Constitution and Bylaws, also found on the CDS San Diego website.

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