Rated Shows

2022 Season Rated Circuit Shows

Friends of Lisa's Spooktacular Halloween Dressage Show

October 22-24

Desert International Horsepark * Thermal

Results TBD



What Does it Mean to Nominate?

CDS San Diego sponsors a circuit of recognized (by USEF/USDF/CDS) dressage shows.  We track riders' scores and give out great awards at the end of the circuit year, usually at an Awards Banquet.  But we don't track everyone's scores--only the scores of those riders who have indicated they would like to be eligible for awards.  This is completely separate from any nominations you may have signed up for with California Dressage Society.  You can let us know you would like us to track your scores by "nominating" yourself and your horse, and by paying a small nominating fee.  Don't miss out on the happy!  Nominate yourself and your horse on our website today!  It's easy!


There are four shows currently planned for the 2021 Rated Shows circuit:

Friends of Lisa's Spooktacular, CDS San Diego Spring Forward!, CDS San Diego Road to Championships, CDS San Diego Cheers to Summer.



  • Must be a CDS member

  • Must pay a nomination fee of $25 (per horse/rider combination)

  • Minimum of 3 scores over 60% required

  • Your final score is the average of your highest 3 scores for the circuit at the level(s) at which you are competing

  • Awards for Champions, Reserve Champions, and 3rd place in each Division (AA, Open, Jr/YR)

    • Training - 4th Level

    • FEI PSG - Grand Prix Level

  • Freestyle scores and USEF Test of Choice scores are not counted for the circuit


Whether you are an adult amateur, an open rider, or a junior/young rider, nominating yourself and your horse is a fun way to participate in your San Diego chapter!  If you have ANY questions about nominations, contact the chapter.

Circuit Nominations
Year-End 2021 Rated Show Circuit Winners

The winners are IN! Congratulations to all of our winners for the 2021 Rated Show Circuit. 

And thank you to all of our competitors that make shows in our district a possibility.

2021 Season Rated Circuit Shows

Nominated riders can check their scores here for the 2021 schooling shows

October 31 - November 1

Friends of Lisa's Spooktacular Halloween Dressage Show

May 15-16

CDS San Diego Spring Forward!

June 12-13

CDS San Diego Road to Championships

August 13-15

CDS San Diego Cheers to Summer

Volunteer Info

There are many volunteer opportunities at our shows! Check the list of options here!

To volunteer, or if you have questions about volunteering, contact us at office@sandiegodressage.com.