Angie Taylor: Angie Taylor Dressage

Trainer Spotlight on Angie Taylor How long have you been training Dressage? 30 years. What's your favorite memory from your time as a trainer? Well, one memory that sticks out in my mind is the time I was competing a client's mare at Indio. It was very, very windy. During my test, the judges' tents went flying and the entire long side of the dressage court blew down. But the mare continued on with her test as if nothing ever happened. This was a surprise since this was the same mare who bolted out of LAEC indoor when a young toddler went running through the bleachers during her test. The second memory lends itself to good sportsmanship. Back in the day we competed at Rancho Riding Club.

Elizabeth Johnson: Artisan Dressage

Trainer Spotlight on Elizabeth Johnson How long have you been training Dressage? I have been teaching since I moved to San Diego in 1979. What's your favorite memory from your time as a trainer? My absolute favorite memory as a trainer was when my daughter won Individual Gold at NAJYRC in 2008! Tell us about your favorite horse that you've trained or owned. I think my favorite horse was Meeko. Born and raised in my barn and allowed my daughter to bridge into upper level. He was a wonderful character. Tell us about a favorite product that you use for riding or grooming. I love the Leovet 5-Star Detangler, as well Equipe saddles. Are you currently accepting new clients for training? Yes, I am

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