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Angie Taylor: Angie Taylor Dressage

Trainer Spotlight on Angie Taylor

How long have you been training Dressage?

30 years.

What's your favorite memory from your time as a trainer?

Well, one memory that sticks out in my mind is the time I was competing a client's mare at Indio. It was very, very windy. During my test, the judges' tents went flying and the entire long side of the dressage court blew down. But the mare continued on with her test as if nothing ever happened. This was a surprise since this was the same mare who bolted out of LAEC indoor when a young toddler went running through the bleachers during her test.

The second memory lends itself to good sportsmanship. Back in the day we competed at Rancho Riding Club. I was having a stressful day but wasn't going to let that stop me from going in the arena. Imagine my dismay when I realized I had just locked my keys and, more importantly, my SHOW COAT in my truck! I have never forgotten the generosity of Sandy Burns Gardner who lent me her coat so I could compete that day.

Tell us about your favorite horse that you've trained or owned.

I would say my favorite horse was Certeza. He first arrived in the barn after a career as a racehorse in Hong Kong. I was working for Janet Peters and I fell in love with him right away. It wasn't until 4 years later I was given the opportunity to own him. He was a handful but I learned so much about patience, tact and fairness. I made the mistake of taking him to Del Mar Nationals. What was I thinking? I was hand walking him around the arena areas the evening before the show was to start. All of a sudden we heard "And they're off" from the satellite wagering area. OMG..that is all it took. He went nuts. We scratched our classes and stayed to school. He was a superstar in the stall. But as soon as he crossed the big green scary was all racehorse brain. At one point a nice lady asked if she should hold him so I could safely dismount before he bolted back to the stable area. Thank God she was there. Unfortunately I had to part with my best friend. I am happy to say he is retired in big green pastures with an amazing owner.

Tell us about a favorite product that you use for riding or grooming.

For riding, I love the KK Ultra Loose Ring snaffle bit. For grooming, it definitely has to be the HandsOn Grooming Gloves and Canter Mane and Tail Spray.

Are you currently accepting new clients for training?


Give us a Dressage training pro tip that we can share with the CDS San Diego membership.

Favorite quote:

"Dressage is the art of teaching the horse to carry you. Riding is the art of learning to be a good load to carry."-Richard Weiss

Thank you to Angie for her responses! Contact Angie Taylor at

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