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Shayna Simon: Shayna Simon Dressage

Trainer Spotlight on Shayna Simon

How long have you been training Dressage?

I have been training dressage for 9 years.

What's your favorite memory from your time as a trainer?

My favorite time as a trainer is when my clients feel movements, suspension or true impulsion for the first time. It’s very exciting to watch them feeling the “power and elegance” of the horse when they give you their bodies!

Tell us about your favorite horse that you've trained or owned.

My favorite horse I trained would be my first true competition horse Harley Davidson . I bought him when he was 3 years old and now he is a 13yr old that does Grand Prix.

Tell us about a favorite product that you use for riding or grooming.

My favorite product I use on my horses for grooming is Cowboy Magic. It keeps my horses so shiny and clean.

Are you currently accepting new clients for training?

I am currently accepting new clients at Arroyo Del Mar in north San Diego - Del Mar area .

Give us a Dressage training pro tip that we can share with the CDS San Diego membership.

My tip for training is always listen to your horse . They tell you when they are ready and when they understand what you are saying . They don’t have a dictionary they just need clear communication.


Want to learn more about Shayna? Check out this Chronicle of the Horse article about her.

Thank you to Shayna for her responses! Contact Shayna Simon at

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